My first time 😳

I just got my first camera and lens (70-300mm) and while I still don’t know 90% of the buttons on it, I still decided to go spotting. Another problem arose when I realized how far away from the runway I was, so excuse the slightly/very blurred images. Imma try to spot where @Moritz does the next time.

Date: 28th of May 2022
Location: Visitor’s Hill at Munich Intl’

The best-looking tower in Germany.

My first time seeing Thai Airways in real life. Sadly it departed on the runway even further away, hence the blur.

My first ever captured private-jet rolling by on the T1 tarmac. Planes that close were the best for me to spot due to their close proximity.

One of many Lufthansa A350s, some wearing the old, some, like this one, wearing the new livery.

The star of the show, the reason why I came to the airport, and the reason why I got a camera: the reincarnated Lufthansa A340-600. Compared to all the A350s you can see at MUC this one is a true monster, especially in length.

The visitor’s hill is part of the visitor’s park located one stop away from MUC and also features some retro aircraft functioning as free museums today.

A photo of the T1 apron. Visible is an AnadoluJet B737, a Turkish Airlines A321neo, a SunExpress B737-800, a Saudia A320, and an unmarked B737 I couldn’t find on FR24.

To top things off, here’s the best livery I got to see during my time at the airport in what is probably my best shot as well.

That’s it, I hope you liked it. It was great fun, and I will try to go more often (even though getting to the airport takes me 2 hours each way).


Beautiful! Simply stunning! Great job for a first time!!


That there is a Cessna Lattitude. Sounds like some need to brush up on those private jet types. 😜


Thanks a lot @Robertine !


Yeah, that’s very true. I know the difference between the flagships of Embraer, Bombardier and Gulfstream, but everything beyond that is no mans land to me… I’ll try to improve ^^

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That there is actually a Sovereign. It’s pretty much a latitude but a bit older. It is the C680 and the Latitude is the C680A. Sounds like some need to brush up on their private jet types 😜



Should have looked the other way since I passed by on the highway a minute before that after scrapping my attempt on catching that departure since clouds were moving back onto the runway 🌚😂


I like the Ju 52 in the park.

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You’re right! I didn’t count the windows! 😖


It’s quite a cool exhibit and nice to visit and go inside in!

Not bad for a first time!

Thanks mate!

Hey where did you find this Latitude picture, it was taken at Geneva maybe I know the spotter

Don’t worry @MxP, before you realise you’ll be able to tell one from another with no issue whatsoever

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Idk, I just googled “netjets latitude” cus my dad flies them


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