My first time Spotting @KRDU



KRDU is arguably my favorite airport. One of my most frequented airports (I have relatives in Durham), very fun to fly into and out of. One of the few airports that I can recognize stuff on the ground as I fly around it in IF.

I spotted from the top of the parking garage once, watched the daily American 777 take off for London. It was just after a storm, and a large line of planes was coming into 5L.

The departure paths are unpredictable as well due to the undefined traffic patterns. You could have a straight out to 3000ft, or you could be turning while still in the airport proper (both have happened to me before). Nothing is more fun than a turn-and-burn in the simulator and looking down on all of those 3D buildings.


Hehehehe MD-11 good

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@Gtmkm98 oh really cool!

@Topgottem hehehe it is a good plane

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