My First Time Spotting (KHXD)

Here are the best pictures from spotting today at Hilton Head Island. I’m looking for feedback so I can do better. I was using to find what type these are.;)
A special shout-out to Hilton Head Helicopter Tours for letting me take pictures from their back window.
A U.S Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin doing a low pass over the runway. (Thanks @Kevin )

A PA32 taxing to runway 3 for take-off.

A Cessna Chancellor (C414) taking-off.

A Cessna 560XL on take-off roll.

A Robson R44 coming in to land.

A Beechcraft Bonanza taxing thought the GA ramp.

And finally a combo shot of the R44 and the Bonanza.

Hoped you enjoyed it.


Awesome pictures man. I’d love to spot there one day. I’m surprised you didn’t see the American Eagle Dash 8’s. My favorite picture up there is defiently that Coast Guard heli :)
(btw it’s an MH-65 dolphin)


Those are great pictures there, I like more the Beechcraft Bonanza with the tower at the background.

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I took these after the holiday rush. As me and my family where sitting on the beach, a AAL Dash 8 went over.

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Awesome, those helicopter images that you have taken look simply amazing overall!

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If this is your first time spotting, that’s very impressive. I would recommend trying to get above the fence, not sure how high it is but I use stepladders at some airports.

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The fence was the reason why I when into HHHT. The last three are inside there.

Really cool do you ever get up here to KCHS it is some really good spotting you might be able to get one of these


My parents just bought a house here at Hilton Head Island. My home is up in D.C. so I might get some pictures from KIAD or KDCA.

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Chs has direct flights to IAD DCA and BWI best one to fly into

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