My first time plane spotting (location @KSFO)

hey there
i went to bay front park a while ago and took some pics of some aircraft. some of them might be a bit small btw.

hope you enjoy :)

it was a long time ago so i don’t remember a lot of the arrivals/departure

Qatar A350 taxing to 28L

BA A380 taxing to gate after landing from Heathrow

Aer Lingus A330 Taking off to Dublin

Singapore A350 Landing on 28R from Changi

JetBlue A320(Boston Celtics Livery) from LAX

Fiji A330 at gate (Will be departing for Nadi)

frenchbee a350 landing from paris orly (28R) and qatar a350 takeoff to doha (28L)


added info for certain aircraft

little bump

Nice job for your first spotting!

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thank you!

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Lovely photos! I’m hopefully flying an A35K on my return trip back home in July! Pretty excited ngl 😁.

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The green JetBlue came either from Boston or New York I guess

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thank you! i haven’t flown on one before but i hope i will

it might’ve, except it’s an a320. JetBlue operates A321s on those routes. The only others airport would be KBDL and i highly doubt that

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