My first time plane spotting! At CVG

detailsTime 3:30-4:10 where:CVG day: Monday, January 11.

Starting off we got a United Express at the gate I need someone to confirm what plane that is. ![image|800x600]

next is a
American Airlines CRJ-900 on the taxiway it did not move at all for some reason. now we got a Queen 747 unknown probably an 800 Variate it’s in A generic livery. now we have a Delta plane a320 lining up to takeoff. another queen Atlas Air livery siting at parking. here is a pic of the terminals. last but not least is a Delta CRJ 900 or 700 slowing down after landing
Equipment: 2012 camera made by Sony. for helping me find where to spot. Sorry if I can get any flight Data I don’t have LTE or personal hotspot.
Which was the best?
Put in comments 1 2 3 4 5 6.


WoW i like it

Looks like a United E175 Evo Blue livery to me.

I like the photos.

I would suggest checking out @AndrewWu’s topic “Complete Guide to Aviation Photography”. It can really help.

For your first time spotting well done.

Hi Alina. Have a read of the spotting rules for me. They need to be good quality, and there is a little bit of guidance to help.