My first time out in about 7 weeks | Glasgow Intl 29/05/20

Scotland’s lockdown restrictions were recently loosed to allow for non essential travel. So in my mind im off to the airport. I still kept my social distance and all other guidelines that are still in place. Feel free to give feedback as I still have alot to learn thanks!

Pilatuis PC-12 at Glasgow heading back to Denmark

British Airways A320NEO for the only scheduled flight to england

And while BA has the spotlight let’s look at it’s less efficient siblings in the picture are some of the A320 non NEO aircraft BA has grounded due to these wierd times

Heres a that should be in a much nicer and warmer spain but its parked in Glasgow. However where its parked is surprisingly close to the fence probaly could’ve touched it

This here is one of the air ambulance helicopters that service mainly the islands and sometimes patients who require immediate attention and on it’s way back into the airport it flew directly over me!

Heres an airplane owned by Gama Aviation they operate with the helicopter (as seen above) and Scottish Ambulence Services absolute heroes

And I’ll sign it off with this Jet2 parked on Stand 38. Could be me but I find the gray Jet2 aircraft really nice to look at

So that was my day out! If you could give some feedback and mabye give my Instagram a follow. Happy Flying!

Disclaimer:These photos are not public domain they are my photos are not to be used without permission.


These are some amazing pictures. Good work!


In the second picture the a320 looks really cool with those new engines for the neo

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And all the other pictures also look good

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Amazing pics!

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Great photos! Might try get to Glasgow myself in the lovely weather!

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Maybe one day you’ll catch something unusual. The current lack of commercial flights seems to have lead to increased military activity at certain airports. RAF C-17s, A400s and P8s have been seen at Glasgow recently.

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Nice Photos!

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Great shots! Just followed you on Instagram!

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Lovely pictures, when I go back to Glasgow I will might go spotting as it is illegal in Dubai. Cool fact I have met the pilots of the helicopter. Why? I can’t share :)

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You’ve got plenty of days to get to Glasgow the amazing weather seems to be staying for a while thankfully!

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I do hope for an unusual plane one day. So far the RAF has only sent A400Ms up from what I’ve seen but please correct me if I’m wrong

I never knew it was illegal in Dubai to plane spot! And I am very very envious that you’ve met the helicopter pilots however I’ll hope it was not while in a strecher :)

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Thank you for all the feedback everyone!

These are really great! I like the ones with the BA A32N and A320’s the best

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There was an RAF P-8 on the 28th and a C-17 on the 15th according to FighterControl. Check the RAF Brize Norton Facebook page for updates on which airports their aircraft will be using.

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That’s really cool! I hope you enjoyed it!!!

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