My First Time on a Cessna!

My first time in a GA aircraft,

So, I hopped down to Connecticut to visit the Woodstock fair, for the last two years I’ve attended
I have always noticed there was a Cessna doing patterns around the fair (it seemed interesting so I looked into it).

I found out it was a “Cessna flight experience” that only cost $30 per person for a 20 minute flight around the fair!

So this year I figured, why not give it a go?
(Such an experience is hard for me to put a price tag on!)

Keep in mind, I’ve never flown in a GA aircraft before so a small cramped plane was a new experience to me, I’m very familiar with commercial aircrafts like Boeing and Airbus, so at first I was skeptical of how it will feel giving the major size and speed difference.

Takeoff: Very smooth and barely felt any kick as the plane started its ascent, very different that my previous experiences on large aircraft.

Flight itself: Sort of bumpy due to the weight and size of the plane when wind hits it, but nothing crazy.

Landing: The pilot had to apply heavy rudder due to the wind direction and speed but I didnt even feel us touch the ground as we were landing.

Here are my pictures:


Congrats. There is nothing like your first GA flight


Wow! That looks great. What an exciting thing to do!

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How cool! I remember my first time aswell. She’s a beauty isn’t she. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. 🙂


She really is a beauty!

Hopefully with more hard work I can fly one of these!


What an experience!! Thanks for sharing! Must’ve been interesting to hear ATC communication first hand as well! Did the pilot let you take controls of the plane at all?

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That’s so cool. Think about that being your job for the day lol.

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If I had an opportunity to do that for a day and get paid - I’d be pretty happy

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Have you looked into getting any certificates, or licenses?

Unfortunately I didnt want to ask him but I sort of kick myself because I believe he would’ve let me.

There was no atc, actually it’s a privately owned airfield so no tower officially as I’m aware…

That’s a bummer, I’m sure he would have been more than happy to let you fly the bird for a few minutes! Ahh, no ATC either? That’s all good, just one of the many things that makes your first GA flight a time to remember.

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