My first time in space

Hello everyone !
As I‘ve never been in space before I thought about doing and it worked.
My max. altitude was 146,000ft and I had no control at this height.

Flight information

• Aircraft: F-22
• Airport: Bergen
• Flight time: 15mins

Here are my pics !
Outside view:

Inside view:

Have you ever been in space before ?

  • Yess
  • Nope
  • Will do it

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There’s a glitch that allows you to get much, much higher.


I really want to try to do it but I don’t know how. Does anyone know?

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I think you go to VNLK in solo and select the rwy approach and I think you will spawn on a hill and then you fall forever and I think you then find space

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Just spawn on approach at any airport that would put you inside a mountain, then go full throttle straight down. About half the time it will launch you to space.