My first time flying the Boeing 787

I cant tell too many details sorry and also Video recording is strictly forbidden but maybe next time i get permission that some official is making a short video … lets see, step by step

image image


Looks nice :)
Have any engine troubles with the Trent 1000’s? After all, what else would you expect from that type of engine…

Wow! You lucky guy. I guess you could say I’m jealous!

Was the cabin really quite compared to other aircraft ?

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I cant talk bad about the engine but everybody knows they have huge problems and what is worst for an airline is the very low cycle they can be under the wing before they have to be changed for updates. Also you find after every flight oil dripping out of the drainmast. Reminds me of the old RB211, when seen on a L-1011… the Flight Engineers said always “ something is wrong when they are not visible oil contaminated on the reverse cowling. When we still had the A300 in our fleet we said this about hydraulic.When there was not somewhere some hydraulic leak then the concerns where actually bigger ;)


What do you normally fly?

It actually is the best Aircraft i have ever flown and i would say its the best aircraft Boeing has ever built. Really the Dreamliner is an amazing machine. The cabin is really quiet, the electronic dimmable windows are a something really new ( only flaw is they are connected in series means if for example in row 7 LH the connector comes loose then the next 5 or 10 rows behind also cant dim their window anymore) . And best feature of the cabin is of course the way lower cabin altitude , flying in a 787 on long range means saying good bye to red dry eyes and nose and this totally dehydrated feeling is history.

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By the way, who always wanted to know how the stick shaker in a 787 looks like and works … here you are :


But i am at the Boeing Facilities in EVT and CHS at the moment as my airline ordered 777-9 and now 787. We are always late, the whole world flew A330 until we ordered it, the whole world is flying 777 and 787 until we finally ordered it ( 777 pax, Cargo was a little bit earlier)

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well, i’ve only flown the 737 😂

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What airline was this?
You are lucky, I only fly 737s and a320 family

If you know, my fav plane is the 787. I’m extremely jealous lol. Wish I had enough money to fly on that beauty!

Great pictures, Im flying on the 787 soon.

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Why “only”? There is no only when it comes to flying. i love most flying our FW44… that thing asks for more skills then any Airbus or Boeing. Aircraft size alone is not a factor :)

Do you fly them mixed ? I just wonder, i think flying the 737 is a totally different world then flying the 320 where you command a roll rate and not a bank angle or where you cant fly cross controlled down to the runway in crosswinds… the philosophy is so different…


Out of curiosity how did you fly it if you guys only have it on order?

I’ll guess Lufthansa

I mean as a passanger haha.
But in a passanger point of view the a320family seems easier to control.
Every 737 I’ve been on has had harder landings.

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It’s probably not down to how easy it is to controll. The 737 isn’t designed to land particularly smoothly, in fact too many people mix up smooth, and good when it comes to landings

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Nice pics, I wish I could fly on a 787!

What airline did you fly? It is fairly uncommon for them to restrict video.