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Flying A Cessna 152

Today I had the amazing opportunity of flying a Cessna 152 over the South of Melbourne, Australia for the very first time!

Nick, my instructor gave me a safety briefing and ran through the pre-flight aircraft check and inspection. After that we where off and heading for the runway.

We first did a little pit stop in the runway bay to test everything and then we taxied to holding point G for takeoff on Runway 17R at Melbourne’s Moorabbin Airport.

I flew the aircraft for the majority of the flight which was an amazing experience out over the beach and did a few turns before heading back to Moorabbin.

Certainly got me hooked on taking up flying lessons in my spare time with the end goal being my PPL.


Congratulations on your first flight! Hope everything goes well for your PPL :)


Congratulations Declan! Told you you would have a blast! ;)

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Thanks mate, was an amazing experience!

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It was awesome, felt a bit dizzy after the first turn probably because my body wasn’t use to it!

Nice can’t wait for my first lesson 😕

Congrats! Enjoy it…

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Looked like fun! Congrats!


Trust me when the time does come, you’ll love it. Also I was nervous before hand… don’t be. It is hands down the best thing I’ve done in my life.


Many congratulations Declan! Best of luck getting your license. :)


Did you stick the landing?

Congrats! This is the dream

Congrats! I just had my first flight lesson last week! The instructor let me make all
Radio calls, perform pre flight, takeoff and even landing. It’s the first time he has ever let a first time discovery student land the plane.

Your first time flying the plane will always be your most memorable, I can telly you from experience.

@Declan Congratulations on your first flight. I’ve always heard that the C152 is an amazing training aircraft. Tbh I kind of wish i had the opportunity to fly the 152 instead of the 172 but the school I’m going through doesn’t have any 😥.

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Congrats on your first flight! A first of many great achievements to come in the future of your aviation career!

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Congratulations on your first flight! The first of many accomplishments in your flying career (wether you get a pilot job or not). Good luck on getting your PPL!


Yeah, it was an amazing experience and the Cessna 152 was certainly a unique aircraft.

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The 152 is very cramped at points though, and the wing is sure one together under! 😂

I currently fly the 152 for my PPL, hence my profile picture taken in-flight

I didn’t get to land, but I got to takeoff which was a pretty amazing experience non the less.

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Congrats! Seems like an amazing experience, and a great start to your PPL. I’m super excited for my first flight soon lol.