My first time experience with American Airlines, and the Diversion that came with it.

Hello everyone! Even though this happened over a month ago, I wanted to put out this tripreport for you all! There are no pictures due to the fact that it was dark in the airplane, and that I had an aisle seat.

Arrival to the airport

Our class arrived to Ronald Reagen National Airport (KDCA) at approximately 5:15 P.M. we quickly had roll call and headed inside the airport. We then were given our tickets, and headed to TSA. I guess they thought my deodorant was suspicious, and decided to scramble through my luggage, messing all my clothes up lol, I wasn’t really mad as most were already dirty. We then headed to our gate, which was sharing with another flight to Orlando I believe. After sitting at the gate watching the planes land and takeoff for about 45 minutes, I decided to go get a burger and fries at the Five guys in the American Terminal. It wasn’t very good, the fries were soggy, and the burger was dry. The charging ports were awful aswell. Nobody was able to charge their devices, and we were all sitting at phones with 10% battery.

Boarding the Plane

At about 7:45 we started boarding the plane. Let me just say it was not very organized. We were the last ones to board the plane. Most peoples luggage had to be put in the cargo hold, but mine was small enough to fit in the overhead bins. We then got comfortable, and waited for our pushback. At about 8:00 PM we pushed back, and started our taxi. We took off of RWY 1, and just like that, we were on our way!

The Flight

The flight overall was very pleasant! The cabin was nice and clean, the service was excellent, and the bathrooms were even nice! Me and the FA talked a tiny bit about how I liked aviation, and how I want to be a pilot… okay yes, I was trying to get a peek in the cockpit lol. About an hour into the flight, we were given our inflight snacks. I got a bag of pretzels, and a water! I even got a second pack from the Nice FA! The flight was going as planned, until we reached Des Moines. Since it was storming bad in Iowa, we were told we were going to be circling above Des Moines for a couple of minutes.

Diversion & Aftermath

Well, after about 25 minutes of circling, we were told we would be making an emergency landing in Kansas City due to the severe weather over Des Moines Int’l. Everyone was looking around and stuff, and was worried how we would get home. Anyways, we then landed in Kansas City, and for some reason had two fire trucks escort us to a gate. We then hopped off the plane and waited to see when the flight to Des Moines would be. The next flight was at 5:40 A.M. the next day, and everyone basically said no to that (Except me, as I kinda wanted pull an all nighter in the airport.😛). We then called the company helping with the trip, but they said they would try to help. Finally, at about 1:30 A.M., we got a call from them saying we were getting 3 minivans to transport us back to our hometown about 3 hours away. We all piled into them, and had a sleepless ride up to our hometown in Iowa. I then went to bed, woke up, and laughed it off.

Ratings on my experience

Overall, I would rate American Airlines a 9/10! The service was great, and they handled the Diversion amazingly by letting people just get rental cars, or allowing some to stay in an airport Hotel. The only thing I would rate bad about the experience was the check in. The organization for it was sloppy imo, and unnecessary.

I would rate KDCA a 4/10. The area wasn’t too crowded, but the plugins were what really killed the rating. Another good and bad thing was that TSA was quick, but pulled people over for the smallest things. Plus the Five Guys was not the greatest, dropping the rating a little.

I hope you all enjoyed my report!


American handled that diversion very well. Can’t really blame American for diverting. Safety first.


Very nice flight report! Nicely laid out, presented, and narrated. Good job!

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And that’s what me and my mom were talking about aswell, would’ve been much worse trying to land in Des Moines. Only thing American was doing was playing the Safety card, which is always the best choice.


Interesting report! Any additional information you could give us? (eg. Flight number, aircraft type, etc.)

Why would firetrucks join in the fun? Unless they reguested or squawked…?

The aircraft type was a E175S. I can’t remember the Flight Number, but the flight occurred on June 10th

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Very interesting. Great report. At least you made it home.

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American ey. haven’t flown that airline since like 2014

Maybe the severe weather could have affected someone medically and if that was the case, firefighters could attend to them as quick as possible? Just my guess

Why was it a “emergency landing” it’s just a diversion.And the fire trucks?
They must have been bored
I’ve seen so many vids on u tube where the AA A flight gets canceled delayed or diverted and. All goes down hill and this seems to be the same deal for other passengers but luckily KC ain’t too far from Iowa

In a way I would consider an emergency landing the same as a Diversion. I see an emergency landing as a landing at the airport you were not intended to go to, and we were not intending on stopping in KC ;)

Its just a diverted flight though as there was no true emergency, hence the contingency planning in which they diverted to another airport no?

The flights’ state would change from redirected to diverted once it lands I believe.

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Well, the reason we mainly had to divert is hat we were extremely low on fuel. If we had more fuel on board we would have stayed up there in a pattern over Des Moines. Sure it wasn’t a news worthy incident, but it was still unexpected, and not planned for. I just bring up the fact “emergency” because we had two fire trucks escort us. I don’t really see other videos of weather diversions with fire trucks escorting an airplane. I guess you could not consider it one though, as the aircraft was able to head back up to Des Moines roughly 6 hours later.

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Ahh, I see. Well we are glad you made it home safe. I’m not happy about you not getting pics of fellow firefighters but I will let it slide this time. Be safe out there!

I would’ve, if I had a window seat lol. Next time I see a fire truck escorting us, I’ll PM you some pics ;)

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Why did you pack dirty clothes?

The Southwest gate area charge plugs are better than the ones over where your at.

I had been in D.C for four days before the Diversion. So all my clothes were clean before, but were dirty once we left

How much did you hate MCI? Just curious