My first time editing! Manchester to Doha

My first attempt at editing

Hello everyone! So I was inspired by what amazing photos people like @NoahM, @Anshul28, and @Helmethead post, and I decided to try my hand at some editing. All photos were edited with snapseed. Please leave feedback if you have it. Also huge shout out to @AlphaSeven’s topic on how to file realistic Qatar FPLs which helped my fly this flight.

Server: Expert
Route: Machester (EGCC) - Doha (OTHH)
Aircraft: 787-8
Flight Time: 6 hours 56 minutes

Taxiing to the runway in front of @Georgios_P in a BA A320 with @haitianpilot44 landing in a FlyBe E195.

Blasting out of a low-visibility Manchester morning.

Passing by the Austrian Alps.

Europe on one side and Asia on the other - the Bosporus Strait!

On final in Doha.

The clear blue waters of Qatar.

The Dreamliner flexing its wings seconds before touchdown.

One of my smoothest landings ever!

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Thanks for looking and please leave feedback if you have some!


Awwwwww thankssssss ☺️

The only tips I have, is that I would say to maybe lower the saturation of the 5th photo (although my photos are probably too saturated). And raise the graphic settings in the last few!

I love how much variation there is in the photos, from the foggy departure to the mountains of the Alps, I hope to see more!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely use your advice 😊

Very beautiful pictures. When was that photo taken? I don’t remember taking off at Manchester with an A320…

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Thank you! This flight was a little over a week ago I believe. Last Thursday maybe. Manchester was featured IFATC

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Oh okay now I remember. I flew to London City and forgot about the size restrictions on that day lol. But thanks for @ me :)

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Great pictures love the 787

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Thank you very much! The 787 is one of my favorite aircrafts too!

Wow the first time editing, you really paid attention to detail, well done

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Thank you very much!

Never realized this is @snoman post

Great photos, #8 was best.

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Thank you very much Alex!

These are honestly really good for your first time editing! :)

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Great edits and love the 4th one!

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Thank you very much! I’m honestly surprised about how well they turned out (except for 5 and 6 maybe)

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Thanks, that means a lot coming from you! The 4th is one of my favorites too!

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Oh cool, I’ve never been to Machester. I’ve heard of Manchester though…

Lol jokes aside, nice pics! Can’t go wrong with the Qatar 787-8. Great aircraft. I flew it irl to Cape Town.
I hope to see more pics soon ;)

Nice! I’ve been there IRL and drove across that bridge :) Istanbul is such an amazing city

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Thank you very much!

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