My first successful 772 flight

After many crashing and overheating I was able to finally complete a flight

Flight Details

Route: Chicago O’ Hare International Airport (KORD) - San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)
Airplane: United 772
Airline: United
Cruise Details: Mach .85 @ FL360

Parked around at a United Gate at ORD, just loading fuel and making a flight plan

Rotating of Runway 10L

Departing West

Cruising at FL360 over Iowa!

Descending into my hometown (Bay Area)!

Approaching Runway 28L

Eager plane spotter takes a photo

Smooth touchdown at 28L at San Francisco!

Parked at Terminal 3 at SFO

image I have an insta i post on! (Click the Insta picture)

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Nice job with the successful flight, next time tell us whats going on in each photo… which country your flying over. etc.

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I fixed it

Very nice pictures!

Looks like a “Fun First Full flight…” Luke out… haha!

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I tried so many 772 flights from short to long but always crashed or heated lol

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Nice! I did the reverse yesterday!

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Great photos Populeux, very nice. ;)

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