My first spotting video is out!

##It is currently not Available on YouTube App only on website as UMG has blocked it from App
What’s up everyone? I just uploaded my first spotting video I used songs instead of original voice some part may be muted because of copyright issues ,hope you enjoy it it way filmed on 20th June 2016 outside Mumbai Airport by iPhone 6s Plus
Video will be out again soon
At - YouTube

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Ahh your video has been blocked because of a copyright claim :/


I edited it from desktop site they said that they will remove that songs and re-upload it because of wildest dreams and style

I can’t watch the video. Youtube is saying that you had copyrights


Maybe you can upload again without putting music, just proposing.


They are currently processing the video please wait for a while

I am taking this video down and I will upload another one mods please don’t close this thread

EDIT:Just edited it and now I will start uploading it again

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It says uploaded 31 seconds ago and when I clicked on it it says video unavailable, also I am ur first subscriber

Yes I saw that that you became my subscriber

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It says the video is not available btw I am your 2nd subscriber

Copy the link and paste in the web browser and then you can watch it

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Could it be blocked in Macau/hkg

Nice video, just cut it up into different parts next time. Watching 20 minutes of unedited video can get boring. Check out Cargospotter on YouTube for some inspiration ;) Keep up the good work!


Then select desktop site

Hey we both have the same taste I guess?

Nope 😂 My brother managed to find his way onto my account, planning on trolling him tho😂

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The video isnt available is there any other way you could upload it?

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