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Hey y’all!

A couple of weeks back, I went spotting JFK for my birthday. 🥳 This was my first time, and I took a total of 500+ photos combined. I know they’re not of the greatest quality, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

First off, an Atlas 747 blasting out to Anchorage.

Second, (this one’s for @CR3W) a Cargo 747 lining up on 22R for Halifax, while an Alitalia A330 from Rome crosses the threshold for 22L.

A small JetBlue ERJ190 from Nantucket pulling into gate 2 at terminal 5.

My personal favorite, an ANA 777-300ER begins her taxi as she prepares for her long flight to Tokyo Narita.

Here’s a Virgin Atlantic A350 from London.

Another JetBlue E190, this one from Martha’s Vineyard.

A China Southern 787-9 awaiting her 15+ hour flight back over to Asia.

The pilots of the Virgin A35K pulling into her gate at Terminal 4.

An American A321 blasting out for Los Angeles.

And finally, the majestic JFK tower at work.

That’s all, thanks for looking. Some advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 😊


You’re giving up on EWR. So much hate. Don’t meet me at EWR when I’m there.

So people don’t hate me, I would like to emphasize that that was a joke. Pingu is my EWR buddy!

Oh, and the photos. They’re great! A bit of editing on a few of those photos wouldn’t hurt, but the angles are incredible! 😍

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Thanks, Zack. 😊

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Nice photos! Where exactly were you spotting from? I’ve often had trouble finding a decent spot to planespot at JFK…

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Wow one session and you already have better variety than me

@Thunderbolt_78 you’re gonna want to go for the T5 parking garage generally

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Really nice photos.

My favourite is either the JetBlue E-Jet or the close up on the Virgin A350

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Some very cool pictures! Especially everything from the first JetBlue to the China Southern is really well framed. Thanks for sharing!

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