My First Spotting Trip of 2023- Toronto Style

Hello Community!

My name is Andrew and I am a spotter based out of North America. I went spotting with @AndrewWu and @robert_xing at Toronto. This was my first time spotting in about 2 years. It was a really fun experience and I finally got to visit Canada. Here are some of my favorites from that trip.

Emirates Journey to the Future livery A380-800 taxiing

Shiny Air Canada Dreamliner landing on 23

WestJet 737-800 landing on 24R

Air France 777-200ER Landing 24R

Hi Fly A321-200 Landing 24R

Hope y’all enjoy these shots, they were a lot of fun to take. I definitely would like to revisit during the summer and maybe if the spotting gods like me, I’ll get some sun.
D7500 | Tamron 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3


Toronto style = only clouds


Pray for sun next time

You’d have to go without me

The photos look great unfortunately I don’t have. Camera only my phone and IPad can’t find good spot at ORD😒

They look fire🔥🔥🔥

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shea makin history with his first spotting topic ❗️❗️

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Nice one!!

Scott Street is where I started. Then, delta cargo is where the fun continues

You know it

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Cool shots! Even despite the weather. Love those panning ones, especially that WestJet.

Thank you, the WestJet is my favorite. I hope next time it will be better weather but we work with what we’re given

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OMG can u do more planes spotting at YYZ pls?? I live close to YYZ! And I like the Emirates a380 pic and the Air Canada 787 takeoff.

Toronto is mostly cloud in winter.

Trust me I am intimately familiar with this concept

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Got to love 14° weather and buckets of rain in early January 🤩

Great shots @Ashea58 !

Thank you! I’m planning on going in the summer probably once when I get home from school and once before I go back.

That weather is all too familiar to me.

Makes me happy I’m going back to warm weather in a week but at the same time it makes me feel at home to have cold and rain

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