My First Spotting Trip @KCLT March 2020

Hello IFC,

I went to KCLT to go spotting. With the intent to try out my new camera for the first time and to see that beautiful Lufthansa A350 I ended up taking about 185 photos. For my first time spotting with a camera I think the pictures are ok.

American A319

American A321

Lufthansa A350

Delta 717 (I think)

Southwest 737

United new livery

Volaris A320

American ERJ 145

Thanks for looking at my pictures. Sorry for the blue pictures I messed with the lighting settings. Tell me what you think I need to improve as I want to get better at plane spotting.


Yes that is a 717. I’ve yet to see the Volaris A320.


Beautiful photos!

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@thenewpilot it comes in around the time the A350 comes in and it goes to the D gates
@MJP_27 Thanks!

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The Lufthansa A350-900 thooooo

To my eyes, it’s a great catch

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Yes that’s a 717.

Some great photos there, especially the 717 and Lufthansa A350. Much Better than my first spotting topic. I’ve certainly improved, and I hope to see you improving as well (although those are already great).

It’s also cool to see United and Lufthansa sending their new liveries over here for once.

Well I knew that, I’m just saying that I’ve yet to see it in person.

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Thanks. And yeah I’ve never seen a new United before so that was something new.

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