My First Spotting Topic @KSNA

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first ever spotting topic! I’m so excited to show you all the pictures I got and I hope you thoroughly enjoy them. The pictures I took were all take from John Wayne Airport (SNA/KSNA) on I believe, October 18th, 2020. It was a bit hazy and smoggy that day, but the pictures still seemed pretty good. I hope you enjoy…


Camera: EOS Rebel T5
Lens: Gosh, who knows?
Airport: John Wayne (SNA/KSNA)
Spotting Date: 10/18/2020
Editor: Darktable

Here they are…

First up is an Alaska E175LR from Portland (PDX) - N641QX

An American 737-800 landing from Dallas (DFW) - N343PN

This one was quite a ways away, so sorry about the quality.
This Southwest 737-800 is getting ready to depart to San Jose (SJC) - N8546V

Another American Airlines 737-800 coming in, this time from Chicago (ORD) - N955NN

Here comes a pretty little Southwest 737-800 from Sacramento (SMF) - N8541W

Vote A220!

A Cute Delta A220-100 coming from Salt Lake City (SLC) - N109DU

Here’s another Alaska, this time an A320 from Seattle (SEA) - N635VA

I did get a picture of a Frontier A320 Neo, but I can’t the pictures. It was good looking though.

I really hope you liked the pictures. Please tell me which was your favorite and leave feedback if you want. Thanks for looking.

Favorite Picture
  • Alaska E175 - PDX
  • American 738 - DFW
  • Southwest 738 - to SJC
  • American 738 - ORD #1
  • American 738 - ORD #2
  • Southwest 738 - SMF #1
  • Southwest 738 - SMF #2
  • Delta A220 - SLC
  • Alaska A320 - SEA

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Amazing pics, but im out of likes :(

Keep up the good work, the last one was my favorite!

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Were you at the road off Red Hill? Definitely need to get there, LIKE NOW.

Oh wait, let me get my camera first…but we can do it during Winter Break, what ya say? @HarryH1, @anon74260613 too.


Yeah, just off Red Hill there in that area. It is always fun to go down there. We should definitely do something like that sometime, not sure when though.

@Robertine Thanks for the kind words! I like the Alaska ones too, though the second to last of those is my favorite.

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Shocking news: I actually don’t plane spot 😬
Sorry y’all 😂

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Very cool pictures!
Ok SAN is a very close 2nd. And LAX isn’t a terrible airport


Love the to see more.

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Thanks @Alina_Bridges! I’ve got some LAX pictures I need to edit so those may be coming sometime… Glad you enjoyed.

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