My first solo and my experience

Hello Everyone, I have noticed a lot of people have stated to solo which is great! I did my first solo 5 years ago way before I knew about the IFC and IF. I was 16 when I soloed and let me say it was nerve racking as heck. I had about 80ish hours of flying I did my solo on a cold, overcast day in March the day before spring break. Below are a few pictures of me after my solo and me having my shirt cut


Now I know who you are in the Sun Country pic!
Have an extremely late congratulations!

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Haha surprise. This was way long ago over 5 years ago. Just thought Iā€™d share since everyone else is

5 year late congratulations, @N1DG!

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Thanks appreciate it

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Very cool! Great job!

Do it exist!šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
And congratulations!

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