My first shot at editing for a BA 747 tribute

Hello IFC,
Today I bring to you, a British Airways 747-400 tribute. This airline is retiring it’s Boeing 747s, more information available in this topic. I thought I’d do a tribute flight.
This is also my first time editing, using the apple default stuff, so feedback is appreciated!

Flight details

Route: KPHX / Phoenix to EGLL / London Heathrow
Server: Expert
Aircraft: BA 747

Now for the Pictures:

Climbing out over Arizona.

Over what I think might be Olkahoma? How do you even spell that

Over Detroit with a colourful lake.

A wing view of those lovely engines over Toronto.

On the other side of the atlantic we overfly the west coast of Ireland with another wing view.

Ireland’s capital of Dublin from the air.

Parked up at the gate for the last time. 😭 🇬🇧

I hope you enjoyed, once again open to feedback on the editing. RIP BA and Qantas 747

Have a lovely evening/morning/day/night/whatever it is where you’re from!


Sorry about the duplicate picture everyone.

Love the picture it’s super nice and you spell it like “Oklahoma

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Thank you!

No problem glad to help

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I would suggest putting higher quality setting in Infinite Flight, and using less saturation. Besides that great photos!

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Thanks! When I get my iPad in around a week, I’ll be able to run it on the highest settings.

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Yeah once again sorry for the duplicate I didn’t mean to put that in twice.

So is it pronounced Oklahoma then?

You can pronounce it however, but most people pronounce it oak-la-home-uh
If you have a accent (I can see your Irish) it would make it sound different.


Oak-la-home-uh, got it. Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Incredible shots, nice work!

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Very nice shots👏

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Is there a thread where I can request photo edits?

Sorry for the late response and yes it is Oklahoma, looks like my fellow members helped out. Thanks @Jake_Seitz

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Thank you @Sashaz55!
@SamC thank you very much!
@Ur_Friendly_Approach I don’t believe there’s a thread, but it you want to send them to me we can work something out.

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Ok, your fine don’t worry.