My first screenshot!

This is my very first screenshot I’ve taken in my 1 and a half years with infinite flight and I’m pretty proud of it!

This was taken at KSFO on the training server I believe on May 4th maybe? I was taking off runway 28L in an Alaskan 737 and after I landed in KLAX, (no hate 😂) I went into replay and tried out a bunch of shots and this game out the best! I hope y’all like it as much as I do!!

Thank y’all for checking out my first Infinite Flight shot!

-IFATC VulicityHD


this is an amazing photo, only thing is, that’s an alaskan 737-900ER, other than that, it’s a great photo

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fixed it! thank you!

Nice photo, and good job on your first try! Like the angle there. Seen as this is your first one, free to PM me if you want tips on virtual photography or editing.

I’m out of likes right now. 😕


I most definitely will! thanks man.

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This looks very cool.

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thanks a lot! and welcome to the community!!

You should be proud! That’s a great photo!

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thanks a bunch! happy flying!

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