My first post and flight to OMDB

Hi guys, well… This is my first post, also I thought “hey it’s a great opportunity to make a trip report about my first flight to Dubai coming from Madrid”, the A380 is one of my favorite aircraft it’s performance was really good!

The flight has a duration of 6:25 Hours (expert server)

Waiting for departure at LEMD Terminal 4

Takeoff from LEMD

Flying around Greece

Landing on runway 30R OMDB

Parking into the gate

I would like to make another flight near United Arab Emirates before I make my flight back to Colombia, Wich place should I visit? Thank you for your attention!🙌🏻


Nice photos the 380 really needs a fix up

Thanks! And yess!! A380 needs a rework, that would be awesome

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isn’t dubai OMDB?


It is. Dubai is OMDB.

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Yup it is OMDB, my bad 🧐

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Cool screenshots! Welcome to the Community 😀

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Really nice shots mate ! :) And a very warm welcome to the community ! ;)

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2 years later and it does have a rework!