My first Plane spotting session!

Hello all! I wanted to share with you my first plane spotting session I have ever been to, I’d like to thank one of my school friends who invited me out to Heathrow for some plane spotting, he had only been a couple times and I one did a 5 minute one while stuck in the traffic (conveniently right behind 27L). When I went, it was about 2:15 and we stayed until 3:00 which is when the landing runway changes to 27R, this also meant we got to watch some planes takeoff. The main reason we waited to see some planes takeoff was because there was a Qatar A380 and that’s the one we wanted to see, not a BA A321. Anyway, onto the pictures!

We were very luck as the first plane (sorry, the first interesting plane, it was like the 5th one we had seen.) was an Emirates A380! To make it even better it was one of the 3 ones with the Expo livery: (I took this screen shot from a video as I only recorded it)

Next up we have a Turkish Airlines A330:

Then a Virgin Atlantic A350:

And then an ANA 777:

Then for the queen of the skies! A Cathay Pacific cargo B747!

Then lastly an Ethiad 787

Then after 3:00 me an my friend were waiting for this Qatar A380 to take off but it never did so we ended up leaving.

Sorry for the bad quality, it was quite far away.

Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoy the images.


Nice pictures! You should probably put this in #real-world-aviation:spotting though


Thanks, done

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