My first Plane Spotting - Paris Orly (ORY/ LFPO)


Bonjour !

I’m Aurel, I’m a french graphic designer and photographer.
Today I’m going to share with you my experience of my first plane spotting.
Being a lifelong aviation fan and photographer, I had to try plane spotting.

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback or give your opinion. Have a good reading !



If you want more informations about this airport, I invite you to visit these websites below :


For this first time, I went to my local airport, Paris Orly Airport.
I decided to go to a known and easy access spot, it’s the spot #2La Coulée Verte” on the spotting site.
The spot is in a park. This spot is well known for his best view for the departures and arrivals on runway 07. The planes do not use the whole length of the runway but enter through the second entrance (A318/ A319/ A320/ A321, 737, A330).
If the runway 26 is active, you can’t catch much traffic because most of the planes use the fast exit on the right.


During Covid, the traffic was quite low but during 2 hours I could see 8 planes taking off.
Mainly A320 from Vueling, Easyjet, TAP and Air France, 737-800 from Transavia and Air Europa but also a beautiful A330-300 Corsair.


Concerning the equipment, I use a Canon 250D with for the moment a Tamron 70-300mm and a tripod K&F TC2534 of the brand KF Concept.

📢 Notes : These pictures are mine, if you want to use them, tag me.
I remind you that it’s illegal to steal photos without request or even without credits especially when the photographer spends a lot of time to realize and edit these photos.

Now enjoy ! 🌟

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback or give your opinion 🙌


Aircraft : Airbus A320
Airline : TAP Air Portugal
Registration : CS-TNU

Aircraft : Airbus A319
Airline : Air France
Registration : F-GRHE

Aircraft : Airbus A320N
Airline : Vueling
Registration : EC-NDB

Aircraft : Airbus A320
Airline : Easyjet
Registration : OE-ICB

Aircraft : Airbus A330-300
Airline : Corsair
Registration : F-HZEN

Paris Orly Airport control tower

That’s all !
Don’t hesitate to give me feedback or give your opinion


NOW LET’S DO A POLL - What’s your favourite shot ? 🙌

  • A320 TAP Air Portugal
  • A320N Vueling
  • A319 Air France
  • A330-300 Corsair
  • Airport Tower

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Have a good day 👋


The photos and the editing are really sharp! Really liked it!

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Thank you very much for these words !
Since I already do portraits, I was able to adapt my retouching style to this type of content 🙌

I still have many others to share but the retouching is rather long on Photoshop, I have to retouch each defect or unbalance on the photos as for example an area of light reflection on the plane’s body, details in the background on the terminals or blurry vehicles 🥴

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Wow this is very cool! Have you seen a FrenchBee A350 yet?

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Not yet because the traffic is strongly reduced at this time always because of the Covid but it is slowly picking up. II have to look again at the departure times of the A350’s of French Bee.
But yes the A350 is my goal ! 🙌

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Might as well try to get every AF2021 given how much u like the livery lol

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You got me ! haha
I saw it landing on runway 26 in the distance but I couldn’t get a picture of it…Next time !

I have to say that the Tap Air Portugal livery is really one of my favorites for the moment because the photo rendering is really amazing.

Wow! These are gorgeous, fantastic editing!

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Thank you Felix ! 🙌

What Camera and Lens did you use and how far were you from the Aircraft

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I use a Canon 250D with for the moment a Tamron 70-300mm and a tripod K&F TC2534 of the brand KF Concept.

Concerning the distance, Google Maps shows me that I am at 240m (242,83 m / 796,68 ft) when the plane takes off.

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How can I measure the distance of my spotting location I am looking to buy a camera zoom lens tripod etc and I need to know how powerful it needs to be to get good pictures

Those photos are amazing! I love th easy jet shot!

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I meant the not th

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This is a very good question.
I must admit that even I don’t think about it, in fact since I have several objectives, I automatically know which objectives are the most suitable.

If someone else comes by and talks, maybe they can answer your question 🙌

Thanks for these words !

Indeed the Easyjet livery looks really good with this light 🌟
More to come in a future #2^^

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I recently updated my topic by improving the layout and the text.
I also added a poll, don’t hesitate to fill it 🙌

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Amazing shots @Aurel

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Amazing shots!

I love the the easyJet one ^^ 🔥
@Sam_D206 @MADCAT @Charlieab29

and TAP ✨ @flybarroso @CptRuben @MiguelB @Bruno_Palma @Manuel_Murta

Corsair @william


I love the color correction you applied, it gives a warm atmosphere even though there seem to be a stratus. It feels somewhat natural.

Don’t fake the depth of field tho, if you really want this look try to have motion blur.

This bush is making wonders in the Corsair shot!

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