My First Plane Spotting @KBWI PT.1

Hey Everyone this I is my first time Doing this!!
Please keep the comments nice
So Let’s get to it

*3 SWA 738 coming from KBOS




That’s all I got for now!
I will be back for more on February 20th
iPhone 8+


I know some are grainy I was using my iPhone 8+

These are great pictures however these may be a bit to blurry to be accepted in this category unfortunately


Not bad :)

Thank you @Fung_Sum-sum

That’s a pretty great location! I especially like the Southwest picture 5.

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This is a great start. I would recommend a bit more practice and maybe a real camera to improve especially since iPhones aren’t good for spotting.

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Would consider landscape orientation

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Thank you so much for the Advise @AndrewWu @Wattsup_jet
And I want to say thank you for not making me feel bad

The first 2 were blurry but the rest were really good! I’m sure in the future you will get better with time, hopefully I do my first spotting at KEWR soon!

Thank you delta


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