My first plane ride(s) in 15 years! KCLT-KBNA and KBNA-KCLT

Let me preface this by saying this is going to be a fairly long post, so prepare yourselves.

On 6/6, I boarded my first flight in 15 years, due for Nashville, TN, to tour two prospective college campuses, as I am a rising senior in high school. In the end, I only ended up touring one, and it was disappointing to say the least. Weather forced us to cancel the second tour.

We were on AA2232, a Boeing 737-8 registered N951NN. We were set to push at 5:57pm EDT, but Mother Nature had other ideas, and decided to park heavy rain and thunder within 5nm of the airport, halting all ramp activity for a good 90 minutes. We eventually left at 7:22pm. Here’s the link to the FlightAware replay of my flight: AA2232 (AAL2232) American Airlines Flight Tracking and History 06-Jun-2021 (KCLT-KBNA) - FlightAware

When we landed in Nashville and arrived at our gate, I asked the flight attendant (who were all a lovely bunch) if I could visit the captain. She asked the captain and he said yes.

Out of respect for the captain’s time, I made my visit quick. Shook hands, introduced ourselves, told the captain it was my first flight in 15 years, and promptly thanked him for making it a great one. He apologized for the delay, and I said “Don’t sweat it, it happens😅”.

Attached is a picture of the sunset from my second day in Nashville.

When go home day came, we left for BNA early. I somehow managed to trip the security alarm at TSA PreCheck, despite not wearing a belt or having anything in my pockets. This resulted in a patdown by the TSA officer, which cleared me to proceed to the gate.

We were going to get breakfast from Starbucks, but the line at the one across from our gate was nuts, so we decided to get a One-Day Pass to the Admirals Club at BNA. We promptly located the breakfast area and both ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla, and boy oh boy was it delicious😋. Attached is a picture of mine.

Our ride home was a 21-year old Airbus A320 registered N109UW, callsign AA1049. We left our gate at BNA 8 minutes ahead of schedule, and arrived at CLT 25 minutes ahead of schedule. After I got to the front of the plane, I asked if I could see the captain. He said yes, and even left his seat so I could sit in it. The FO said get as many pictures as I wished, so I did, and saying I felt like a kid in a candy store is an understatement. Attached is one of them:

All in all, the two flights were fantastic :D.


Great shots and captivating story! Great job!

Oh boy I loved that downpour.

Seems like they were good flights other than the delays, and visiting the cockpit must’ve been cool. Great topic!

From seat 31A on that 737 I was like “Dang what is she doing up there, working out and sweating profusely?”

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