My First Piloting Experience (Old 744 Cockpit outfitted with FSX sim)

Today i got to sit behind the yoke of a real Boeing 747-400 Reg. JA8083. Well, as real as I can get. A cockpit with FSX with add-on scenery installed which is from a decommissioned 747. After briefing, I took off from Canberra and flew over to Sydney. Cruising altitude FL180, speed 340 knots. When I got to Sydney i did some circuits and quite good landings. Quite beautiful with Sydney City and the Sydney Opera House. It didn’t move around like those ultra-realistic simulators, but it was good enough for me :)


This is clickbait at its finest


It was in the cockpit of a real plane

How about making the title: My first piloting Experience on FSX? Also I would change the category.


This forum isn’t about FSX… it’s about Infinite Flight.


Surely, if you consider this a piloting experience, wouldn’t your first piloting experience be years back, on the first flight simulator you played ;)?

Sounds amazing, I hope you had fun :)


It was in a REAL COCKPIT of a 747-400 with fsx set up in the windows and I flew it with REAL CONTEOLS

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Ok that makes sense.

I am confused right now was it a simulator or a aircraft

An aircraft fitted with a simulator

Oh okay that’s cool where do you find that at

You obviously haven’t seen Calling boss baby at 3am omg he answered

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Perth Australia, 7/54 Crocker Drive

Man I would want to see that sadly I don’t live in Australia 😞

@Qantas737guy… MaxSez: Please consider rephrasing your Topic Title. Your FSX Similator experience is of interest to some. However your Topic Title is fish bait. At a minimum pls include the terms (FSX Simulator). Thanks

Oooh nice :)

Hope you had fun

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Did you have any pictures of your experience?

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Wow! Amazing! Would you like a medal? slow claps


Unfortunately not. I have no pictures.

@A400M… MaxSez: I would flag you for your rude childlike comment. Been with us a few days, no excuse but you get a pass this time. Suggest you read the rules. Collegiality is expected here.