My first pics of the new A220!

Here are my first of many pics of the A220! Enjoy!

Climbing outta Toronto

Over the Grand Canyon

Chillin at JFK

Pulling the reversers in Zurich

Just before the marks in Paris

Almost over the numbers in Seoul

Good ol cockpit shot

Sporting the Estonian flag in style!

Firewalling the throttles in Saint Maarten

And finally, the classic moonshot while on approach in Saudi Arabia!

I hope enjoyed! Stay safe!



Out of KSLC over Price Canyon headed to KDEN. Sure is a beauty!


Absolutely gorgeous! My personal favorite livery!

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Very nice! But I do suggest only posting 1 pic next time, and putting the rest in your own S&V topic.
And @30AR, the Air Canada retro is my fav too!


Amazing photos! 🤩

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