My First Photoshoot lol

Greetings IFC,
I decided that I’d like to try my first photo thread on here today :D. It is my first thread so there might be some mistakes but we’ll learn through this together lol. I decided to pull these photos from a flight I did for @ANAVirtualGroup . I hope you enjoy!


  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
  • Livery: Asiana
  • Route: LIRF(Roma) - RKSI(Seoul-Incheon)
  • Speed: Mach 0.84
  • Altitude: FL340
  • Flight Time: 10 hours and 35 minutes

Boarding at the gate.

Taking off on Runway 07.

Turning North lining up with flight plan.

Beautiful wing view at cruise.

Approaching into Incheon

All Nippon 160VA is on final, Runway 16.

Thank you for joining me to Seoul. We hope you enjoy your stay :).

Thank you, Good day.


I really like the last photo! Good job!

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Thank you!

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Meh. Pretty dull photos Adventures. 😜

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Candice I will do something unfunny to you /j