My First Official FNF

Hello fellow fliers!

Starscreamer Steve here. Some of you may have witnessed me ascending like an absolute mad lad across the servers since I first became a member last September. For several months now I’ve been gaining XP and have had the chance to be Grade 5 for a brief run. Unfortunately because of scheduling conflicts I was never able to fully participate in any of the community flights on the Expert server because it would be virtually empty by the time I got home.

However I am thrilled to say that I no longer have these conflicts, and have been able to enjoy the heck out of the community flights this past week (the Vietnam flight was intense with the headwind). I am even more excited knowing that tomorrow April 5th will be my inaugural Friday Night Flight, on the Expert server, and in South Korea of all places. Seriously this is gonna be a great kickoff for me. The FNF streams have been fun to watch, but now it’s time to be a part of them.

Fly safe out there everyone. See you all in Korea!


I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to be controlling you tomorrow! I will remind you to expect delays, because of the height traffic levels. Listen to ATC, enjoy, and have fun! Congratulations! FNF is always a blast!


Hey! Glad you will enjoy the FNF! They sure are fun (and very crowded, always pack extra fuel) and enjoy it! Listen to ATC so you don’t get 👻Ted! Safe travels!

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Hope to see there too. Have fun and fly safe. During approach mainly, keep separation and be at a resonable altitude when contacting ATC. Also be respectful of other pilots as well as listen to ATC commands. Don’t be scared of anything bad happening, as long as you follow the rules and guidelines you should be fine. I do believe all will go just as planned, and the most important part is to be Happy, Smile and Enjoy the flight and ATC service out there :)


Make sure you dont get ghosted! Have fun

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Cannot wait to fly in in a Delta 767. Been waiting to do this flight and now I’m doing it tomorrow!

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