My first Multi leg flight (Attempt/Advice)

So, I wanna fly and complete my first multi leg flight but I’m not entirely sure on how to set it up so I can change from wine flight plan to the other. In a past attempt I couldn’t get the flight to follow the second flight plan.

Any have any advice on what I’m doing wrong or example of how you would do it.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated :)


Your flight didn’t follow the second flight plan for the following reason:

You might have used an ILS approach into your 1st airport, meaning that the NAV source was changed to NAV 1, and before departing on your second leg you forgot to change back GPS.


Appreciate the explanation buddy :) off I go

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I highly recommend leaving your device plugged in during flight. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re on short final and 1% battery. Good luck!

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