My first moon shot

So I was wondering how everyone was making those moon shots and I finally figured it out: here is the result!

How it's done

Or how I did it, anyway. I took off, quit the sim, and went into replay mode. Then I chose a spot in the replay, went into the free camera mode, positioned myself so the moon was behind the plane, flew backwards 3nm away from my plane, and double tapped to zoom in.

Flight was on Solo, with an Emirates 773. No flight plan, flew out of Dubai.


Wow 😮 that looks amazing!
Ur good at those! Keep up the good work!
Oh and btw u just inspired me to try a moonshot once!


Very nice moonshot!

You can also use replay mode, just choose a live flight, pause the replay and manually set your preferred time. Then just pan your camera around to your preferred spot and then just take the screenshot. Voila!


Great job for your first one, can’t wait to see more!

How do you get those moon shots??? Looks amazing!