My first medium/long haul

Hi guys, I’m doing my first medium:long haul on training server. I am flying from KSFO to NWWW, then to YSSY because I need to refuel at the nearest airport which will be in 11hrs so hope it goes well


best of luck!!


Thanks mate 😇

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Good luck mate, I will try in a couple of months:
Go Around The World in IF Scenery


Good luck to you Mate.

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What are you using to fly?

Good luck, I hope that your game doens’t crash. And be careful doing things like this can get you addicted :)

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Bro, just my iPhone 😂😂

Meh, I get bored of it really easy so I’m just doing this first time to see how it plays out

What aircraft are you flying?

I am flying a Jetstar Boeing 787-8

Then why do you need a refuel?

Well if i wake up and I’m on low fuel while flying to Sydney Australia, then I’ll crash

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You should be fine to go all the way, the 787 can more then do that route 😊

Good luck! My first medium haul I guess you could say was from jfk to egll. Soon you will be flying 15-16 hour flights.

I love long hauls. My next one tonight will be YSSY back to KMEM for FedEx, 16 hours approx. Good luck with your first one. Have fun. :D

Hope the flight goes well! I would suggest that you try out to help with your flight planning. Couple it with IFAssistant and you can program in your step climbs too!

Good luck.

Hope you don’t get any calls midway 🤣

Nice, have fun! I fly almost 120 hours a week, so I LOVE long haul. At this moment, I’m flying from hong kong to new york. (I’m on the expert server so you can check me out on liveflight.) 16 hour flight. Welcome to the club!

Hey guys, me again, I am 5hrs away and 53,000kg of fuel. I’ve done nearly 9hrs