My first longish flight from Heathrow! [EGLL - BIKF]

Route: London Heathrow (EGLL) to Keflavik (BIKF)
Flight: Speedbird 891
Flight Time: 3hrs and 5 mins.
Server: Training.
Aircraft: A320.

Shortly after departure from 27R, following SID BPK7F

Starting to descend.

On the approach to R28, following STAR ASRU1H

Aaaand touchdown.


Nice Job! Still haven’t done a long haul yet and i’m about 5k xp away from grade 3! Did you use hud or cockpit view only with no hud?

Depends. At the takeoff i tend to use just the cockpit view. When i land i am using cockpit view with HUD, however i’d like to rely just on the cockpit in the future. Still long way to go as i only have 18k of experience so far.

Mostly same. I’ve been practicing no hud finals in solo and I think soon i’ll be able to land well consistently at leadt without cockpit.


Nice pictures! Brings back memories

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This might be a typo - Heathrow’s runway is 27R

My bad sorry, thanks for that.

Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

fifth picture kinda looks real
i like it

That’s exactly what I thought as well 🤔, thank you everyone for a positive feedback. Hopefully I will be able to fly back tonight as I have plenty of time at work lol.

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