Hey Guys! Going to be encountering my FIRST Long Haul TONIGHT! And I’ve been wanting to know any tips or any information before my departure.

My route will be KLAX - EGLL at 9:45 PST

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What device? What aircraft? What’s your flight plan?

Here are some Tutorials made by some of our seasoned community members, these will teach you how to fly long haul the orrect and efficient way.

Have A Great Night,
Chris :).


Aircraft- A380
Device- iPhone X
Flight Plan - OSHNN8 BEALE Q842 WINEN HELPR CKW KD75U PIR KP06G KP12K 5000N/08000W 5230N/07000W FOXXE HOIST 5500N/05000W 5500N/04000W 5400N/03000W 5300N/02000W MALOT GISTI SLANY UL9 STU UP2 BEDEK OCK2F

Remember to keep your screen brightness low during cruise if you aren’t watching it.

Be sure to put it on scenic camera view to ensure you don’t get OLED burn in…


Make sure when you are away from your device, you check it frequently, since odds are, you ain’t gonna be starring at that thing for 9 hours straight.

Another tip is if you’re flying over land, go to Cockpit #2 and look directly down. If it is nighttime, looking at the stars doesn’t hurt either

Simple - wake up before you land.


you got the iPhone X ?! how does it feel like not having a circle home button? that must be weird…

don’t you need to descent though?

If you take off now, set an alarm 8 am tomorrow morning, and wake up at 8 am, then you should be able to see the coast of England, or be over the Atlantic Ocean.

You ruined the joke…


what joke? lol he needs to set the descent and everything…

You ruined the simplicity of the joke, which made it funny. Unlike you


i dont think we should be joking. he wants real tips. i’d be really mad if you told me to wake up before i land and i didnt even descent. definetly not a “funny” joke

What are your standards of “Funny”

Please keep this ON TOPIC. Thanks. (PM’s were made for a reason, enough with the fighting.)


f u n n y

Are you Air France 69? I happen to be behind you and I just stumbled upon this thread

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