My first long haul flight

Flight by Polish Airlines LOT from Warsaw F.Chopin (EPWA) to Tokyo Int (RJTT).
Plane: Boeing 787-8 LOT
Callsign: LOT 79FR
Flight started at 23:00 UTC+2
Flight ended at 17:40 UTC+9
Duration of flight: 12hrs and 40min
Flight path is modified due to russian war in Ukraine and is very similar to the real one. The plane flies over Hungary, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China and South Korea.
Cruising altitude: 36000ft-38000ft-40000ft
Cruising speed: AirSpeed- 250kts GroundSpeed- 620kts (strong wind from tail)

  1. At the gate in Warsaw

2.Flying over Poland

  1. Himalayas on the border between Kyrgyzstan and China

  2. Flying over Tokyo- preparing for landing

  3. Seconds after touchdown in Tokyo International Airport (RJTT) Runway 16L


Nice shots, and welcome to the community!

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Nice shots and welcome to the community!

May I ask what flight planner you have used to avoid those airspaces?

Those shots are awesome!

Like Ado, Iā€™m wondering how you were able to avoid Chinese and Kyrgyzstani airspaces?