My first long haul flight in IF!

I’m flying a Boeing 777-300ER from EGCC to KSFO from the event on the Expert Server. I am currently a grade 3, by the way. I am excited, but also nervous; I hope I do well. Wish me luck guys! Also, what was your first long haul flight?


Looks like a lot of fun! Take some screenshots and post them when you finish. I would love to hear how it went ;)

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Will do. Hopefully I don’t get rekt xd

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Oh boy, probably KLAX-EGLL. Have fun!

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Great way to rack up those flight hours. Its what I do all the time.

P.S. I think my first long haul was KLAX-EGLL.

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Ah, nice. I’m doing this mainly for XP. I NEED DAT GRADE 4!!!11!!!1

Thanks! I’m currently over Greenland, and it looks breathtaking. Update, currently over Greenland.

Lol, I know how you feel

Lol. Also, what grade are you?

Used to be grade 4 and was almost at grade 5. But since I was inactive I dropped to grade 3. I’m not inactive anymore btw.

Oh. Gl for grade 5!

No need to be nervous, enjoy!!