My first long haul flight from KJFK to Doha!

So, this i my first long haul flight for a very long time, i usually don’t do this but i gave it a try.
I made this flight a little interesting, i used flight aware to look at which airlines i should pick, i then used random number generator to pick an airline with the aircraft information. The one i chose was Qatar OneWorld, Boeing 777-300ER, i then used simbrief for my flight planning. The overall journey took 11 hours 55 minutes and throughout this i will show you beautiful day and night shots, with mesmerising views. The airport wasn’t too busy and ATC as always with top notch work. To top it all off, the landing was very smooth.

I suggest you try the random number generator method and flight aware to pick the airlines, it’s quite fun and for me it feels realistic. Hope you enjoy the screenshots.
Server: Training.

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Very nice and that’s some very nice scenery on the way !


BTW great hots but on the first shot, the line your on is the outside of it. The line in the middle is the taxiway


nice pictures, but in your first photo there is a problem, as you were told you were not taxiing in the right line, but also when you are in the hold short line, it is not just the tire that should be behind or in the hold short line⚔, you have to make sure that the entire fuselage is behind the hold short line👍, because if it is not you are practically inside the runway, so be careful about it next time and remember, a good pilot always learns.
have a nice day.