My First Long-Haul Flight (EGLL - KLAX)

So this was my first long haul flight in IF. My normal flight times have always been short and medium-haul, with my longest being 5 hours.

So I decided to take a shot in the dark and fly the British Airways 747-400 service (BAW283) from London to Los Angeles.

This was flown on the training server and the flight plan was created (as always) with SimBrief and FPLtoIF, Flight time was 10.5 hrs.


Taking off rwy 27L @ EGLL

Climbing out of Heathrow

About 2 hours into cruise… The middle of the Atlantic ocean

Laaand hoooo! Somewhere over Northern Canada

Over the Navada Desert on descent to LA

Final rwy 25L @ KLAX

A terrible landing (this wasn’t the flare… This was the bounce.) Not used to the height of the cockpit on the 74!

The taxi back was smoother

Thank you for flying British Airways!

Thanks for reading-

Your friendly neighborhood New Zealander,


🤔🤔🤔 A flight between the two most cursed Infinite Flight airports…

I strangely like it.

And nice pics as well.


Lol. Popular route you know!


Definitely learned that the hard way at LAX this morning 😬😂

I have done this flight on the ES but on the training server is a different story!😂😂😂 Anyways great pics though…


Nice pictures and captions, love it. I suggest doing EDDF and KSFO or vice versa. Especially with the Lufthansa A380 it’s pretty nice.

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Yeah I was too scared to do it on ES… What if something goes wrong while I’m asleep, the plane crashes, and I get ghosted or a report XD


It’s good to have that fear… that “what if” thought😂😂


Congrats on your first long-haul! Welcome to the club (lol, wait there isn’t one 😂). Well, still, congrats on becoming part of the big group! 👍

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Thanks, man!

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Great job on your first long haul! 😃
I have yet to do one, I should do a LH soon.

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Nice flight, the cockpit height caught me out first time too! The gear got a great workout

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