My first long haul flight completed!

My first LH flight since getting Pro a few days ago. From LIRF, one of my home airports, to KIAD, in my home airline - Alitalia. And even better in the new B772.

Done on training server, routed via Nice, Cork, Track A , and onto Newfoundland and NYC

I even managed to find my flight on LiveFlight


Great Job!
I remember I first long haul!
Congratulations, huge accomplishment!

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Congratulations! Hopefully, I’ll see you in the skies on Expert someday.

That being said, please have a look at the official rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category for next time. They can be found here. In particular, this part here:

Your screenshots seem to have the HUD visible as well as the airport names. For next time, please remove those in your future posts to make the screenshots look cleaner.

Once again, congrats on the achievement!

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Ill know for next time. Thanks for the heads up

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Nice shots and congrats 👍

Nice, congrats your first long haul.

By the way, to hind all huds and boxes
Use the screen shot feature in the replay

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Very nice! Hope many more will come. We should fly once

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Sure but im on Training server. If you want to we can arange a flight?

Sure. Just hmu in the dm :)

Hey Ivan welcome to the community, I remember my first long haul back when global first came out it was so fun!
Anyway, great screenshots I look forward to more of your posts here!

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Please adhere to the category rules relating to photos.