My first long haul and my last beta flight

Yesterday/today I did my first long haul on the expert server from RSKI (Seoul) to KDFW (Dallas-Fort worth)
The flight time was 11:35 my longest flight before this was 5:00

At the gate with @ORDspotter taking off in the background

Takeoff (with flaps 5)

Russian airspace

A sunset over Western Alaska

Flying over the beutifial Canada 🇨🇦 scenery

Descending over Texas

A buttery touchdown after watching the tutorial from @IF-EGYPT_YT

At the gate after completing my first long haul

My grade table

It was a very good flight. I went to sleep and woke up over Montana. I put my Aircraft count to none and graphics to low for the whole flight.
Thanks for your help!

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Good photos 👍

Btw I also did my first overnighter today KSFO-LFPG also with the 777-300ER of AF


Thanks and cool

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OMG I do remember seeing you as I was rolling. How was your Flight?
Sweet Pics M8:)

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Thanks, my flight was very good. And where were you going to?

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Good to hear:)
I was heading to RJBB (Osaka-Kansai)
I had just worked in from ATL though

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Glad that my Tutorial Helped you! 😍✈
Also, Very nice pics you have! 🔥

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Thank you!

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I still love these photos

Did you just bump your own topic from 3 months ago~


lololol I think so

@Pingu @Luke_B yes

mega bruh

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😂 wow, smart guy

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