My first livestream - feel free to join me

My first livestream - German Pilot

Hellow everyone !
Today is the day where I will have my first IF livestream.

Munich (EDDM) - Geneva (LSGG)

Expert Server

(not available anymore. See you next time)

Feel free to join me and don’t hesitate to tell me what I can improve :)
Additionally, I don’t know in which category this belongs but I hope it’s right.
See you !


Let’s go!😍

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Good luck. I would join you but im flying.

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Saw your stream said hello good job 👍

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Thanks to everyone who joined ;)

In the approach line now ! What should we do next :) Fell free to suggest something

Thanks for this cool first livestream :) Next one will be ❌ (cancelled)

Aerologic flight. EDDP-EGNX 😁

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Thanks for the suggestions :)
Maybe some more people will suggest routes or stuff and then I’ll choose one but yeah definitely a route I would fly !

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