My first landing on new 757

wait how did you get the update ?

Nice landing but l think call sign should be removed


I hate how the landing gear goes thru the ground

Since when was there an open beta for this

How do i get the new 757. Is it available on iOS?

The user was part of Open Beta which was open to users with a trust level of 2 or 3. It should be released to the general public relatively soon.

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100% butter, replay messed it up tho

we need a replay revamp soon lol

Beautiful landing

Great landing. I experienced the same thing with the rudder being too sensitive that it was almost uncontrollable when landing. I went to settings and turned down the sensibility on the yaw control. It pretty much fix it and handles perfectly.


I tried it too and helped ;) Thanks !

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Very nice butter! 🧈

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Butter landing nice 👍

Just buttered at Málaga from Birmingham, Ur definitely right about the sensitive rudder and everything else.