My first landing on new 757

Hi there ! ;)
I would like to share you my feelings about new 757 and show my first landing ;)

I think, that this bird will be one of the most usage in IF after 20.3 premiere, and it’s nothing strange.
Aircraft looks very nice, we have a full cabin (lot’s of pilots requested of this), interactive doors, pilot window, amazing engines sound and fantastic real physics.
Because of very sensitive rudder, landings on this plane can be little bit difficult, but practice makes perfect! :)
Here you can see my first landing on new 757 on testing it in Kunming Changshui International Airport (ZPPP).
Enjoy ! :)

Flight Details

Aircraft : B757-200 AIR CHINA
Route : ZPPP - ZPPP
Server : Expert



Ummm if I’m not wrong aren’t we supposed to post any pictures or video until the 20.3 is officially out… Correct me if I’m wrong…


No the IF Team allowed it now I think


It is ok, 90% players know


And would you pls remove the callsign?

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No, I rather to show it ;)

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You cant have callsigns or huds in the pictures or videos

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I think it’s the rule to remove it but idk imma confirm that

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It is, its under #screenshots-and-videos rules

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Id advise to swap out the video with the callsign for one without it before a mod closes

Ok, I will remember, thanks everyone 😂

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It’s done ;)

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Perfect now your post is protected! :)

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I would just like to say that was such a good landing nice job!

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Nice butter landing

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The landing gear glitched out it was so good😂

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My Home is Kunming

How were you able to post a video? I’m having such a hard time doing so