My first "just for fun" trip

I just completed the craziest trip I have ever done. Firstly, it was the first time that I travelled to such destinations without my parents (just with my friend) and booked everything on such short notice (1.5 weeks before the trip) after seeing an offer for a $160 return fare for FCO-AUH. We then arranged a crazy itinerary from HHN over BRI to FCO to AUH before returning from AUH via FCO to FMM. On the way to AUH, HHN-BRI-FCO was on the day before the FCO-AUH flight.
On this trip, I visited Rome (also the city due to a long stopover) and Abu Dhabi for the first time and especially Abu Dhabi was the most amazing experience of my life with its totally different culture (never met such nice people), climate and architecture, and sights. This was even better than my first visit to the US last year, as in Abu Dhabi everything is cleaner, larger, and less crowded (plus it’s more different from German culture). This is also what I love about aviation; it enables people to cover such distances and meet so many different countries in only a few days’ time.
Anyways, here are some photos (mostly chronologically reversed) of the trip:

After the last of 5 flights in 3 days in Memmingen (FMM)

Descending over the Alps

One of 3 of ITA’s A320neos and the only one parked pre-entry into service.

Seeing these beauties for the first time after only spotting them on FR24 for years.

My first time seeing ITA’s A220s in person when waiting for boarding before my last flight from FCO to FMM. So cool to see them around!

As an ATC trainee, I can often get into the cockpit, at least pre- or post-flight

Disembarking after landing in Asia for the first time in my life

D-AIAC, a Condor A321 seen at HHN. This is one thing I love about boarding on foot like you often have to do with Ryanair. You get to see many planes up close.

A perspective I only have in IF normally.

Descending over the sea close to BRI with a ferry in-sight.

If you want I can upload way more pics I took :)


That’s awesome! Congrats on that milestone! And awesome pics

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Thank you :D

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