My First Job

Just yesterday I was offered a job at YMRY’s Learn To Fly Company @. The job Is to clean off and take care of the outside of their aircraft. I started up today after school and was introduced on how to clean and take care of the aircraft.
So I got to work on a Cessna 172. It may sound easy but it’s a little harder than you expect.

One of the cool things is that I can drop into the office at any time and any day and just clean the aircraft.
It’s also where I am learning to fly so it’s quite convenient. Most of my money from my new job is going toward more flight training.
I’m only 12, but get paid quite well, roughly $15 an hour.

The plane:

Feel free to ask me a few questions


Wow, that must be a great job, getting to see the aircraft up close and inspecting all the parts regularly. You’ll probably learn a lot about the Cessna just by looking at it. Very lucky 😉👍


Yeah, quite nice to be so close in large amounts of time. Next after this I’ll probably be cleaning the Foxbat A22. Then maybe, just maybe going onto to twin-engine, but that may be a bit later on 😉


$15 an hour when you’re 12?! Dude!


Yeah I know, and best thing of all _ I get paid for what I like doing, being around airplanes!


Awesome!!! Wonder if I could do it at Jandakot (busiest private airport in Australia) apparently as busy as Sydney


Congratulations Tane! This is a good part-time job considering your young age. I’m sure this would make your parents proud as their son can work despite his young age. I wish I can make my parents proud of me too 😊

And you might be able to see how to operate a C172 which would be meaningful for you if you are going to take a PPL when you are already old enough 😊


Bravo! I have always admired the young people who are doing something for himself!


Yeah, that’s what I am aiming for currently 😉 PPL


Australia has the world’s highest per hour pay. The minimum hourly pay for age 18 and onwards is $17.70, which is equivalent to $672.70 a week.


Nice to know you have a job already. At 12. I’m 13 and going to be 14 this year and I still don’t have a job. Also your getting paid. This why I admire other countries. And from their you’ll soon get closer to becoming pilot. Like my mum says, “once you get your foot in the door the rest of the way is easy”


Good on you @Aussie_Wombat everyone starts at the bottom. Pay close attention strive for perfection, and attention to detail. You’ll go very far in life with those basic concepts. If something seems off never hesitate to ask someone, and most importantly if you don’t know how to do something ask. It’s better to ask and do it right then wing it, and mess it up.


Pretty much what my flight instructor said

“If you don’t know ask, better than breaking anything 😉”


Oh the puns… @Brandon_Sandstrom


Congrats! Exciting opportunity right there. Take it and run with it! Work hard and excel!

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Awesome job. Especially because you’re so young and getting payed so much, I couldn’t get my first job until I was 15, and pay wasn’t sufficient for about a year and a half.

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And it’s sad that some people are getting paid that $20 for a full time job over a whole month. But that’s for another topic.

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@THE-OP @Kevin

Congrats! Nice wage by the way, that’s pretty rare to make that much money at 12!

Why would you hire someone to do that when you can just ask young student pilots to do it for free, though haha? That’s what we do here, whenever we see a student pilot, we ask him kindly if he can clean the airplane after his flight. I usually give them a free ride in our Cessna 150 to thank them.


Great job! Hope you learn a lot and your work ethic grows with you.