My First Infinite Flight Movie - Limitless

  1. Hey guys! As you may know, I have a YouTube channel named Alaska096. I thought I’d spice it up a bit with my first ever Infinite Flight Movie! It’s called “Limitless”.

Here is the link:

Also, I hope this isn’t advertising. That is not my intent. I am merely showing you my creation made from Infinite Flight shots. If this is advertising, please let me know how I can change it. Thanks!

  1. On Solo, Southern California Region, around noon

  2. Here are some shots from the video!


It’s a very good short movie! Liked the music in the background and the different camera views that you took, particularly the wing view. But how is the term ‘limitless’ represented in this short movie? Is it by the many aircraft in the movie, the live cockpit, or? Just curious and wondering.

Thank you very much! It took a little time to perfect everthing.

Hmm… Now that you mention it, I may rename it.

I think I was just referring to the wonder and limitlessness of flight. That’s part of the reason I did a barrel roll in an A320 😅.

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Oh alright :/. Anyways, good job on the short movie and hope you make more in the future!

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Thank you. I will!

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Do you think you have a better idea for a name? Just out of curiosity.

Maybe “Cruise” or something.

I forgot that the title sort of has to be reflected in the video

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Hmm, give me one second to think about it.

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First thing coming to my mind at the moment is the term ‘explore’, referring to ‘go in the skies and see the unfamiliar’.

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That sounds cool. I might use it.

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Do you guys think I should do more Infinite Flight movies in the future?

Looks great! Just a tip, if you want the video to be playable without linking to YouTube, put the YT link on it’s own line and it will embed the video.


Thank you!

Also, thanks for the tip! I was wondering why it didn’t embed.

There; it’s embedded now. Thanks 🙂