My first inaugural flight with the VAV(Vietnam Airlines Virtual)

1) Background to the photos I didn’t have time to do my First flight which was form Ho Chi Minh City to VHHH. So I decided to share these pics

(2) It was on training Server the route was from RTPK (Taipei, Taiwan) to Danang Airport Via VHHH. Time: 2020-12-03T03:15:00Z

3) Photos
The Beautiful Vietnam Coast

The Wonderful Northeast Approach

The winds were rough on arrival

Welcome to Danang International Airport
The fight took 3:55hrs
I am happy to be apart of a wonderful VA
Thanks to the @IFVARB and at @VietnamVirtual for the help and support
Hope u like the photos everyone

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Hi there! Great shots you have but in order to follow the Guidelines of the Screenshots and Videos category you must use the Screenshot feature in the replay mode or crop out the controls and bar on the bottom. More info can be found below:

There’s a slight problem with your post: it has User Interface in the last 2 pictures, which is not allowed in #screenshots-and-videos .
You see, when @ MishaCamp was a little boy he went to a photocopier, which only had enough ink for 1 piece of paper. After becoming lost in the interface, he printed the wrong thing and there wasn’t a second chance. Since then, he hates UI, and convinced other mods to do the same, so you might want to remove them if you don’t want your topic to get closed. Also, give the screenshot feature in replay mode a try: you get better graphics and up to 4 times more resolution.

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Is that better? I’m not mad I’m just asking

Well I don’t see much interface there, so sure.
The pink text at the top is usually ignored by mods

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