My First IFR Cross Country

Hey all! Today I get to explain my first IFR Cross Country from KRVS (Tulsa Riverside Airport) to KPNC (Ponca City Airport) and KICT (Wichita International Airport). How fun! Join me as I recap my first and absolutely most favorite Cross Country I have flown!

We started off by filing to ICT with a practice approach in PNC. We filed for 6000 to ICT and 5000 back to RVS. Me and my CFII planned to take a route which got us close to PNC to get our approach in and still be on time to ICT so we could get there as efficiently as possible. We filed to take a short deviation to the west so that Kansas City Center could vector us into PNC for our approach and then vector us back onto our flight plan once we were on the published missed approach.


Weather in RVS was pretty rocky as it had been cloudy pretty much all week and it was Marginal VFR at TUL (Tulsa International) and OWP (Pogue) and the ceilings were calling for 3400 overcast and when we flew above the clouds, the tops were at 4500. It was pretty fun flying through them though. Felt like flying over a big marshmallow haha.

Leg 1

Leg 1 was from RVS to PNC.

We didn’t plan on sticking around much here as we needed to get back to RVS at 0000Z, so we flew to VOR-A approach in and did a touch and go and continued over to ICT. We passed the Overcast Layer as we go closer and it became mostly scattered and was really cool as it was super smooth flying in.

Leg 2

From PNC, we continued onto ICT where we needed to refuel.

After a short while, we entered Wichita Approach’s airspace and requested the ILS 01R into ICT. They sequenced us behind a Citation and we ended up getting some cool views of Wichita while we were waiting. Soon after, we landed and taxied to the GA Ramp to refuel. It was a really fun experience as it was the first time we got a ground marshaller who got us into a parking spot at the FBO. After we parked, we locked the plane up and went into the FBO while they refueled our plane to stretch our legs and get some snacks and drinks.

After a while, we paid and had to head back to base.

Leg 3

We filed in the FBO and started our flight back to RVS. Along the way, we caught another one of our planes flying into ICT and were excited that we weren’t the only one’s flying this route (most others end up going to KADS (Addison) in TX so it felt refreshing to see others flying this way). Along the way we checked the weather in RVS, and it looked like the cloud coverage had gotten better but was still overcast. We weren’t too worried and pushed on! Overtime, the sun started to set, and it gave some beautiful views of the sky and the clouds around us.

Once we entered Tulsa Approach’s airspace, we requested the RNAV 01L circling to 01R as 01L is closed for maintenance. We were given vectors to final and cleared to land with a B U T T E R landing performed by yours truly. We landed and parked at the Spartan gates and celebrated as it was our first times flying this route. We were both excited but sad to have to go back. It felt great to fly to a new airport rather than the usual haha.

That wraps up my first IFR Cross Country. Do let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinions! Hope you all enjoyed!

Happy Flying!


Very nice! Amazing photos!

Congrats on your first cross country flight!

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It wasn’t my first cross country lol. It was my first cross country under IFR, but thank you nonetheless!


Sorry misunderstood - still, well done!

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Looked like a great day for it. My favorite flying memories are from time building like this. Thanks for sharing

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Very cool, and great photos. The first one says a lot! Pretty exciting time. Thanks for the ride along! You prefer butter to grease apparently:)

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Very ice photos and congratulations!

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It was super fun and it give me time building for my IFR Checkride. Getting really close to it and super excited for it. Hoping it comes soon!

Not a problem! Buttering is my specialty hehe. Really good at riding the plane into a butter landing and I blame figuring out that flying visual is easier to estimate how high or low you are lol.

Why thank you lol! Made that landing very ice and easy 😂.


That’s super cool dude, congrats!

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Thank you so much!


That’s awesome @Adventures. Can’t wait to see your progress towards the CR.

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