My first IFC spotting session at KDCA

I just went planespotting at KDCA for the first time in months. Information:
Airport: KDCA
Runway in use: 01 (no River Visual 😞)
Time: 1415Z-1500Z, April 17th
Camera: IPhone XR
This was a fun spotting session.
1: American Eagle E175 to KLGA

2. American Eagle E175 to KSYR

3. American Eagle CRJ-200 to KPWM

4. American Eagle CRJ-200 to KCHA

5. American Eagle CRJ-200 to KPVD

6. Delta A321 to KATL

7. JetBlue E190 to KBOS
8. American Eagle E175 to KCVG
9. American Eagle E175 to KBUF

10. American Eagle CRJ-900 to KSDF

I spotted many more, but I don’t want to post too many photos. I hope you enjoy my first spotting session in a while!


Hope you enjoyed! This has been closed as the photos do meet the required standard to be posted in this category. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself these questions before posting:

  • How much of the aircraft can you see?
  • Can you see the registration?
  • How pixelated is your photo if you are zoomed in a long way?
  • Is there any way to add to the post to enhance the topic if your photos are not the best quality?